Thank you for using coin service.The Coin Purchase Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is concluded between you and Numerous Success Limited (hereinafter referred to as "KeepChat").

I.Confirmation of Coin Purchase Agreement

Before using coin service, please carefully read this Agreement and ensure that you fully understand all provisions of this Agreement.Please read this Agreement and decide with discretion whether to accept it.Unless you accept all provisions of this Agreement, you are not entitled to use coin service.If you use our service, you are deemed to have accepted this Agreement and agree to be subject to this Agreement.

KeepChat may update this Agreement at any time. New provisions shall supersede the original provisions upon announcement without a notice. You can open KeepChat to read the latest provisions.After KeepChat amends the Agreement, if you do not accept the amendment, you shall stop using coin service immediately. If you continue using coin service, you are deemed to have accepted the amendment.

If you are a person without capacity for civil conduct or with limited capacity for civil conduct, you shall notify your guardian, read this Agreement under the guidance of your guardian, and use coin service with the consent of your guardian.

II.Definitions of Coin Service

KeepChat ID:It refers to an ID obtained in accordance with the User Agreement for you to log in to KeepChat and use some of KeepChat services.

Coin account:It refers to an account obtained after you log in to KeepChat using your KeepChat ID and accept this Agreement, and it is used to pay for virtual gifts on the KeepChat platform.After you obtain a coin account, the KeepChat ID shall be your account number.

Products or services:Currently, it refers only to various virtual gift services on the KeepChat platform, excluding value-added services, such as VIP membership, "People Who Liked Me",and Super Exposure.

Account Balance:It refers to an amount you pay to KeepChat in advance for KeepChat's products or services, which can offset the consideration for KeepChat's products or services.

Identity elements:It refers to elements to recognize your identity, including but not limited to your KeepChat ID, mobile phone number, coin account, SMS verification code, and ID card number.

KeepChat:Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, it refers to "KeepChat" mobile application.

Competent authorities:It refers to the organizations that are entitled to check, freeze, or deduct funds, including but not limited to public security authorities, procuratorate, court, customs, and taxation authorities.

Freeze:It refers to the Freeze operation upon request of the competent authorities.You cannot use the frozen balance to pay or give gifts and cannot log in to or use frozen accounts.

Restrict:Your coin account is not frozen, but all or some functions are unavailable and the balance cannot be used.

Stop payment:It is a restriction measure, which forbids you to use your coin account balance to, for example, pay or give gifts.

III.Coin Service

Purchase: To purchase KeepChat's products or services at any time in the future, you may use your Apple ID to buy coins.

Payment: You can use the balance in your coin account to offset the consideration paid to KeepChat for its products or services at any time in the future.After payment succeeds, the corresponding amount is deducted from the balance in your coin account.

IV.Registration and Use of Coin Account


After you register and activate your KeepChat ID, you can use some of KeepChat's services. You can also use coin service after your further application is verified.Follow the prompts displayed during verification.


Identity elements constitute a basis for KeepChat to recognize your identity. You must properly keep them.Any operations performed and directives sent by using your identity elements are deemed to have been performed and sent by you.If your account, password, and other information is assumed, stolen, or used without authorization because of you, you shall bear all risks, liabilities, losses, and expenses incurred.

You agree to:

Based on different terminals and user habits, KeepChat may verify your identity by using different verification measures.For example, if you log in to your coin account for the first time on a new device, KeepChat may verify your identity through a combination of password and check code.

To ensure security of the account balance, ensure that the passwords for your mobile phone and other devices are different from the passwords for KeepChat ID and coin account.If you find the password for your KeepChat ID or coin account assumed or stolen, or if your mobile phone or other devices are lost, notify KeepChat immediately.

KeepChat ID and coin account can be used only by you and cannot be transferred, lent, given, or inherited, but property rights and interests in your coin account can be inherited according to law.

For security of operation and transactions, KeepChat may stop or restrict some of KeepChat's functions or add new functions.

V.Note to Use of Coin Service

1.Identity verification

You shall ensure that your KeepChat ID and the email address, mobile phone number, and payment accounts on third-party payment platforms bound to your KeepChat ID are legally owned by you.

2. Stops Payment

Under any of the following circumstances, KeepChat stops payment through your coin account or balance and has the right to restrict your use of products or services:

You violate this Agreement, the User Agreement, and user behavior specifications.

Laws and regulations or legal instruments require KeepChat to do so.

The competent authorities require KeepChat to do so.

Operations under your coin account or the balance flow is abnormal; your coin account may cause risks.

Others lodge a complaint against you with evidence.

You may have incorrectly operated or had others' KeepChat IDs or coin accounts verified.

Except under the second and third circumstances above, to apply for service recovery and cancellation of payment stop or restriction, you shall provide KeepChat with materials and identity certificates for KeepChat to check.

VI. Coin Service Rules

You acknowledge that KeepChat system records shall prevail in regard to the history of use of the balance in your coin account and transaction data.If you disagree with such data, you may promptly submit your disagreement to KeepChat and present evidence to KeepChat.

The conversion ratio of coins to DOLLAR displayed on the coin purchase page shall prevail.KeepChat has the right to change the conversion ratio based on the state of operation and display the ratio on the coin purchase page.

You shall solely bear the risk of currency depreciation during use of coin service.

VII.Commitment to Legal Use of Coin Service

You shall comply with laws and regulations. You must not use coin service for any illegal purposes (including laundering and other illegal activities) or use coin service in any illegal manners.

You shall not use coin service to infringe others' legitimate rights and interests. Otherwise, KeepChat has the right to investigate, delay settlement, or refuse to provide coin service. You shall assume all legal liabilities and compensate KeepChat or others for losses incurred.

Items 1 and 2 above apply to, including without limitation, the following scenarios:

Infringe legitimate rights and interests of others, such as reputation right, privacy right, trade secrets, trademark right, copyright, and patent right.

Violate the confidentiality obligation as required by laws or as agreed

Use coin service in names of others.

Engage in illegal transactions, such as laundering, terrorist financing, selling guns, drugs, illicit drugs, pirated software, pornography, and other items that cannot be traded by using coin service according to KeepChat.

Provide gambling information or induce others to gamble in any manners.

Engage in any activities that may damage the coin service system or data.

You understand that coin service depends on precise running and operation of the system.In the event of display errors caused by system errors, failures or other reasons, or improper profiting by you or KeepChat, you agree that KeepChat may take corrective measures, such as error correction and amount deduction.

If you damage rights and interests of other users or third parties by purchasing services with payment by others or otherwise in violation of rules, you shall not request compensation or indemnification from KeepChat, and KeepChat reserves the right to freeze the account balance, suspend or terminate your right to use purchase services, and disable your account.If KeepChat has reason to believe that your coin account or use thereof involves illegal purchases, cheating, or exceptions, KeepChat has the right to forbid you to continue using coins and to freeze or disable your account in accordance with this Agreement, the User Agreement, and specifications.

VIII.Once coins are purchased successfully, unless explicitly required by laws, in no case may you convert them into legal currencies or transfer them to others.Trading coins with other users constitutes a breach of this Agreement. KeepChat has the right to take appropriate measures without a notice to ensure that KeepChat does not provide users violating rules with any services for coin trading.coins cannot be withdrawn.

IX. Security of account balance

KeepChat always attaches importance to the security of user account balance. It strictly separates its self-owned funds from the user account balance and promises not to embezzle or occupy the user account balance.If losses are incurred on your account balance during use of coin service because your coin account or password is assumed, with the consent of KeepChat, you may authorize KeepChat to claim compensation against liable third parties or compensation organizations on behalf of you.

X.Force Majeure and Disclaimer

KeepChat shall not be held responsible if KeepChat fails to provide services for the following reasons:

KeepChat system is shut down for maintenance or upgrading.

Force majeure events, such as typhoon, earthquake, flood, thunderbolt, or terrorist attack.

Hardware, software, communication lines, or power supply lines of users' mobile phones or other mobile terminals are faulty.

Users misoperate or use coin service by means not authorized or recognized by KeepChat.

Virus, Trojan, malicious program attacks, network congestion, instable system, system or device failures, communication failures, power supply failures, bank reasons, third-party service flaws, or government actions.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, KeepChat will actively take reasonable measures to recover services.

XI.Entire Agreement

Matters covered by the User Agreement and rules published by KeepChat from time to time but not covered by this Agreement shall be subject to the aforesaid agreement and rules.If any provisions of this Agreement are held to be illegal or invalid by the court with jurisdiction, the effect and force of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

XII. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

The intellectual property rights in the systems owned by KeepChat and its affiliates and all data on the KeepChat platform, including but not limited to works, pictures, archives, messages, materials, website architecture, website UI layout, and webpage design, shall be owned by KeepChat and its affiliates according to law, including but not limited to trademark right, patent right, copyright right, and trade secrets.

Without the written consent of KeepChat or its affiliates, no one can use, modify, reversely compile, copy, disseminate, change, spread, publish, or make public programs or content of KeepChat's website.

You are obliged to respect intellectual property rights. In the event of violation, you shall compensate according to law.